When customers make payments for invoices, you can record the payments in the ‘Receive Payments’ screen for one or more invoices or you can record the payment in the ‘Invoice’ screen for an outstanding invoice.

Apply the payment to an open invoice in the Invoice screen.

Apply the payment to one or more open invoices.

1. Select the Customer.
2. Type the amount received next to ‘Amount’.
3. Select the payment method.
4. Enter the amounts you want to apply to one or more invoices in the ‘Payment’ column. If you click the ‘Pay’ button, invoice’s due amount will be filled automatically.

Total Cash Amount Total payment amount made by the customer.
Applied Credit Total amount of credit currently being applied to invoices.
Applied Cash Total amount of cash currently being applied to invoices.
Payment Balance Left The amount of cash that is yet to be applied to invoices calculated from the ‘Total Cash Amount’ minus the ‘Applied Cash’ amount. The ‘Payment Balance Left’ must be zero before you can record the transaction.