Customer credit is considered money that you owe a customer which can be used as payment for the customer for their invoices.
Credit is gained when you record a refund transaction/‘Credit Memo’.
This credit amount can then be refunded as Cash, Bank Transfer, etc to the Customer OR can be settled by paying for unpaid Invoices that the customer may have.

Open Credit Memo Screen

1. Select Customer.
2. Enter the items or services you are reversing.
3. Change item details.
Functions are similar with invoice. Click here for check

Settling Credits

You can choose to settle customer credit in the following ways:
1. Apply the credit to an open invoice. You can pay for one or more of the customer’s open invoices using the credit.
2. Refund the credit. If the customer does not have any open invoices, you can record a refund payment for the credit amount.
Click here for instruction