Before you start

1. Tyro Terminal Adapter Software (TTA)

You need to install the Tyro Terminal Adapter Software (TTA). Click here for download or type the URL on the browser (
This software needs to be installed and configured on each workstation that you wish to access the Tyro terminal.

2. Tyro Terminal

If this is the first time you are setting up Tyro, call Tyro Support on 1300 966 639 to activate the terminal.
They will supply you with a Merchant ID and a Terminal ID.

Pairing the Tyro Terminal with your PC

This process has to be repeated on each PC that you want to link to the Tyro terminal.

On the Tyro terminal

1. On the Tyro terminal, tap Menu, then Configuration

2. Select Integrated EFTPOS, then Pair with POS

3. On the Tyro Terminal, tap Pair (or Retry if you have already attempted to Pair)

4. After paired, you can see the following screen

On the PC

1. Click the Tyro Terminal Adapter to load the Tyro Terminal Adapter configuration software on Control Panel

2. Fill the Merchant ID, Default Terminal ID and Pos System Name (BLUETILL).

3. Click Save and Pair. If the pairing is successful it will return to the pairing screen.
Confirm the pairing by clicking on Verify Key on the Tyro Terminal Adapter.

On BlueTill Point of Sale

1. Select ‘EFTPOS Terminal Setup’ under the ‘File’ Tab

2. Select Terminal Type to Tyro