1. Select item

Click page button then select page item or click the ‘Search’ button.

2. Change quantity

Click the item row then click the ‘Qty’ button.

Enter Qty

3. Change Price

Click the item row then click the ‘Price’ button.

4. Delete Item

Select the desired row then click the ‘Delete’ button (If the item has modifiers, select the base item row).

5. Click Pay button

6. Enter Table Number (Optional)

7. Receive Payment

Step 1 : Click on the ‘Amount Received’ column for the payment type that the customer gave.
Step 2 : Enter the amount (If customer pays the exact full amount, you can click the ‘Full Payment’ button instead).

8. After Payment

After payment the staff login screen will be displayed.

If you want to skip the login screen and/or you don’t want to print receipt after the transaction, you can change it in ‘Preferences’.