BlueTill 1.7.7 Feature Additions

Export to MYOB Click Here for instruction
You can now export sales and purchase invoice to MYOB.

Setup drawer opening option for each staff Click Here for instruction

BlueTill 1.7.6 Feature Additions

Void Invoice deleting Click Here for instruction
You can now setup staff option of whether the staff can void the invoice or not. Void option applies for Invoice, Sales Order, Credit memo (Refund), Quotation, Received Stock, Return to Supplier and Purchase order.

BlueTill 1.7.5 Feature Additions

Package item Click Here for instruction
You can now make a package item that includes several items with individual quantities. Whenever you sell a package item, the items listed in the package will be displayed on the sales screen with the selected quantities.

BlueTill 1.7.4 Feature Additions

Delivery details on Quotation Click Here for instruction
Delivery details can now be entered in Quotation, Pro Forma Invoice and Invoice.

BlueTill 1.7.3 Feature Additions

Import Quotation on Invoice screen Click Here for instruction
Quotation can now be imported to Pro Forma Invoice & Invoice.

Hide cost for individual staff Click Here for instruction
Cost can now be hidden in the Item List, Item Edit and Item Lookup screen.