Modifiers can be added to basic items to add multiple variants to a single item such as drinks with different cup sizes.
Modifiers can be single choice or multiple choice which allow customers to personalize their order.
With Modifiers, a customer can select how they’d like their burger cooked, which additions (i.e. extra bacon) they’d like, and if they’d prefer not having an ingredient (i.e. the bun) due to allergies or personal preference.

Open Modifier screen on item edit screen

Single Choice Modifiers

Single choice modifiers allow customers to make just one selection from a group of several potential choices. For example, choosing between mild, spicy, or extra spicy salsa with an order of chips.

Add Modifiers to an Item
You can setup 4 different single choice modifiers. Each selection has 14 potential choices.

1. Click the modifier button.

2. Enter a name and an optional price. Optional price increases the item’s sales price when that option is selected at the register.

3. Select an optional kitchen printer.

Multiple Choice Modifiers

If you run a cafe or restaurant, some items can have extra additions or options that can be added to the item. Clicking on the ‘Multiple Choice’ button will open another screen to choose for multiple choice modifiers of which any number of options can be selected.

Add Modifiers to an Item
You can setup up to 56 different options. Adding a multiple choice modifier is the same as single choice.

Copy Modifiers from an Item

For items that would use the same modifiers, you can copy the modifiers from an existing item over to other items. This allows you to avoid reentering modifiers one by one.

1. Click the ‘Copy From’ button to search for an item to copy modifiers from.