Open and close shifts to maintain accurate reporting and make it easier to balance your cash drawer each day.

Open Shift

One of the first steps to starting your day is to open a shift. The shift must be open before cashiers can run any transactions at the register.

1. Open BLUETILL and login.
2. Open the Pos Sale or Pos Touch screen (may require another login).
2.5. Pos Touch only: Click the ‘Functions’ button at the bottom of the screen.
3. Click the ‘Shift’ button.

Pos Touch

Pos Sale

4. Click ‘Open Shift’.

5. Enter the starting cash amount in the till.

Close Shift

When your business closes each day, close the shift in BLUETILL to end your day. After the shift is closed, cashiers cannot run anymore transactions.

1. Click ‘Close Shift’.

2. Enter the total cash amount left in the drawer

3. Enter the total amount of each other payment method.