Open the ‘Adjust Inventory’ screen under Activities – Inventory tab

Adjust Inventory Screen

(1) When updating the Stock Adjustment, items that have been adjusted will be marked in the ‘Stocktake’ column so that you know it has been updated. The ‘Reset Stocktake’ button resets all items to be unmarked.
(2) Imports item list. The file format should be CSV and the file should have two columns: one titled ‘SKU’ and the other one as ‘Counted’.
(3) Shows the SKU of the selected item. You can type the item SKU and click the ‘Search’ button, or hit ‘ENTER’ on the keyboard to automatically select the item and retrieve the item details.
(4) Searches for the item to be adjusted.
(5) A reference is required to keep track of all stock adjustments.
(6) An optional memo can be added for further details to stock adjustments.
(7) The list of items to be adjusted.