Generate credentials from the Shopify admin

1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps.

2. Click Manage private apps.

3. Click Create a new private app.

4. In the App details section, enter a ‘BlueTill’ for your private app and a ‘’ as a contact email address.

5. In the Admin API section, click Show inactive Admin API permissions.

6. Select the ‘Products’ and ‘Customers’, then change permission to Read and Write.

7. When you’re done, click Save. You can see the BlueTill app.

Connect with BlueTill

1. Get the Shopify API and Password
After Save the Private Apps, you can get the Shopify API and password. BlueTill needs API key, Password, and URL.

2. Open Preferences on BlueTill menu, then go to Shopify.

Shopify Key Copy API key from Admin API
Shopify Password Copy Password from Admin API
Auth URL Copy Example URL from Admin API