If you run a cafe or a restaurant, some items may have variants like cup size or additional toppings. Having such modifiers will open another screen to choose for the modifiers when the item is selected.

1. Select Item (If the item has any modifiers the modifier select screen will display automatically)

2. Select Single Choice (One selection per choice of up to 4 separate single choices can be made)

3. Select Multiple Choice (Any number of selections can be made)

Change modifier

To edit modifiers click the Description column of the base item on the sales screen.

4. Changing quantity, price and deleting the item is the same as basic item sale.

5. Click the ‘Pay’ button

6. Enter Table Number (Optional)

7. Receive Payment

Step 1 : Click on the ‘Amount Received’ column for the payment type that the customer gave.
Step 2 : Enter the amount (If customer pays the exact full amount, you can click the ‘Full Payment’ button instead).

8. After Payment

After payment the staff login screen will be displayed.

If you want to skip the login screen and/or you don’t want to print receipt after the transaction, you can change it in ‘Preferences’.