The Pos Touch screen button layout is the grouping of screen buttons that cashiers use to ring up inventory items. Learn how to navigate and add items to the layout.

Open ‘Quick Button Setup’ under the ‘File’ tab.

You can set up 16 pages and each page can set up 24 items

Add a Page

1. Click the page button (the blue buttons) to create a page (if a page has already been made for that button, clicking it once will select the page, and clicking it again will let you edit the page name).

2. Type the name and click the ‘Enter’ button.

Add a Page Item

1. Click a page button that has been made.

2. Click a page item button (the yellow buttons).

3. Search the item that you want to add.

You can search the item with item name.

4.Click the ‘Add Page Item’ button at left bottom.

Edit Group name

1. Click ‘Preferences’ under the ‘File’ tab.

2. Go to the ‘Quick Button’ tab, type the group name and click ‘Save’.