It’s a simple offer of a free coffee ( or drink) when a customer has purchased a certain number of drinks.

Setup purchase drink count for a free drink

1. Select the Use Loyalty Stamp Card option
2. Enter Purchase drink count for a free drink

Use Loyalty Stamp Card

1. Click Stamp Card button on the Payment screen

2. Scan the Barcode on the Stamp card

3. After you scan the stamp card barcode, you can see the collected stamp counts. Click Add Stamp button

4. Enter Stamp count. The default count is one.

Stamp count displays on receipt.

Give Free Drink

1. If the collected stamp is over the free drink purchase setup, you can see the One Free and Add Stamp & One Free button.

One Free Redeem the stamp. For example, If a customer collected 10 stamps, the system will remove the 10 stamps.
Add Stamp & One Free Redeem and collect the stamp at the same time.

2. You can see the Free Item payment type. Use this payment type for Free Drink.

Paid by Free Item docket sample.