Select ‘EFTPOS Terminal Setup’ under the ‘File’ Tab

You can download Presto Smart VX690 User Guide

Pairing Guide


The terminal idle screen displays information such as the battery strength, connection strength, Serial Number, Network name, IP address, and the button to initiate Pairing the POS.
The payment application’s main menu/idle screen can be accessed via the key combo “ENTER+3”.


1. Select Westpac for the Terminal Type.
2. Enter the EFTPOS IP address eg.
3. Enter the EFTPOS Serial No.
4. Click the ‘Save’ button
5. Click the ‘PAIR’ button
6. Click Pair with POS on the EFTPOS Terminal that you are pairing with.

Pair Processing on Terminal

7. The terminal will now display a 6-digit secret key. This 6-digit secret key will also be displayed on the BlueTill screen.
Please ensure both POS and terminal is showing the same key to continue with the pairing.
Press “Yes” on the terminal screen to confirm the key.



Unpairing Guide

1. Click the ‘UNPAIR’ button.

2. Terminal

Press “ENTER + 3” on the EFTPOS terminal to begin the unpairing process. Enter the Merchant password and press “Enter” then select “Unpair Terminal”. The terminal should show “Please pair device with your POS” to indicate it is unpaired.

Standalone Mode

Press “1 + ENTER on the EFTPOS terminal on Pair with Pos screen

You can enter the amount manually.

Back to Pair with Pos screen on Standalone Mode

Press “X” on the EFTPOS terminal